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A Typical Day

A typical day at Sebright Cygnets Nursery

9.00 am Children are welcomed into Nursery by name. Staff to encourage the children to find their own name tags to hang their coats up. Children place their drinks bottles into the tray which is accessible  throughout the day.
9.05a.m. – 9.30 am Registration

Weather board -encourages, maths, knowledge and understanding of the world.

News time – give the children the opportunity to develop their speech and language skills in front of their friends, which can sometimes progress into child led activities. This is when we show and tell WOW cards, and choose Special Helpers.

9.30 a.m. Snack time – toast, cheese, milk/water
9.45 a.m. Free play/adult let activities (inside and outside) – Children to be encouraged to make their own decisions as to which toys, puzzles, dressing up etc. they want to play with.  Adult led craft activities to tie in with planning/theme.
11.00 am Tidy up time song to encourage all children to tidy up. This is a good resource to help the children to understand the routine.
11.05 am Story time (we encourage children to bring in favourite books from home)
11.15 am Busy feet, sticky kids, funky monkeys ,Letters and Sounds, singing/rhymes, Kim’s memory game , parachute, ring games, instruments, outside play etc.
11.30 am Morning session only children are collected.
11.30 -12.30pm Lunchtime (Children are encouraged to sit at table until the majority of the children have finished lunch, we encourage healthy lunchboxes)
12.30 pm Lunchtime and morning session only children are collected, and afternoon session children arrive.

Free play and activities as morning.

2.00 pm Tidy up time
2.10 pm Story time
2.20 pm Wash hands ready for afternoon snack time (snack consists of fruit, vegetables, bread sticks, raisins etc.)
2.30 pm “sticky kids” activity workout, or parachute play, memory game, circle songs/activities, e.g. farmers in his den, letters and sounds etc.
2.55 pm Children encouraged to find their own coats and put them on if possible.
3.00pm Children are collected

In addition:

  • The outside area is available to the children at all times to encourage free flow. (Health and Safety permitting, eg. ice etc.)
  • The Vicar from Wolverley Church pops in from time to time to read a story .
  • “Welly Wednesday” is a big hit. The children explore the Primary School’s grounds – the climbing tree is a firm favourite!
  • Nativity play held at the local church at Christmas for all Nursery children
  • Sports day in the Summer held on the school field – everyone welcome!
  • The Nursery takes part in the Wolverley Carnival